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Homeopathy is a form of energy medicine, meaning that it transmits or broadcasts energy to your body at high energy frequencies, rather like a radio wave or sunlight, but at a different vibrational frequency. You body uses this vibrational information to increase its own vibrational energy, thereby organising and repairing itself and a very deep and fundamental level. Flower and Animal Essences also transmit information to your body at high frequencies, and in Kinesophia, we find that quite often homeopathic remedies work best when combined with a flower or animal essence.

Perhaps the best analogy for understanding how energy frequencies work is that experiment you did in primary school. If you strike a middle C tuning fork, all other “C” tuning forks with begin to vibrate in harmony, but no other tuning forks will vibrate. So, too with vibrational energy remedies: if you choose the correct one it will have profound effects on your health. If you choose the wrong one, nothing happens.

One of the guiding principles of Kinesophia is first to restore your body’s memory of its own health and of what is out of balance. Once this is accomplished, your body is free to choose the type of information that will best help it to correct the imbalances it faces. There are three main types of information that your body can choose for itself:

  1. Anything nutritional or chemical (food, food supplements, medications)
  2. Structural re-alignment (physical medicine, cranial-sacral therapy)
  3. Vibrational energies (homeopathy, flower essences, animal essences)

It is generally counterproductive to force the body to take any information it does not need or want and so we only give your body the type of information that the body thinks is best suited for its needs.

One important additional point about energetic remedies: All over-the-counter homeopathic and flower essences that we have seen appear to have been corrupted by an energetic “virus”, for lack of a better word. A computer virus is the best analogy for trying to understanding the problem we are facing here. Basically, with a computer virus, even though the primary programme may still run, there is a secondary hidden programme that also runs transmitting unwanted information. Energy medicines bought from retail shops may still fulfil their primary function but they also cause the body to go into a state of shock and to stop communicating with itself.

If your body asks for and needs an energy remedy, we post it directly to you and ask that you don’t travel with them. Also, if you have any retail energy remedies at home, these should be completely disposed of before your remedies arrive. Energy remedies by definition vibrate at a high energy frequency and transmit or broadcast the information inherent in them. Just like a computer virus spreads form one computer to another, so a corrupted energy remedy will transmit its virus to any other energy remedy close to it. For this reason, we ask that you NEVER to bring any energetic remedy to your appointment at our clinic. Otherwise all of our homeopathic remedies and flower essences in the office are at significant risk of being corrupted, which would make the work we do impossible.