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Metabolic Flow

There is an old saying, “If you are healthy, you can’t be sick”. While it sounds almost nonsensical, it is actually true. Health is metabolic balance, and disease is metabolic imbalance, and you cannot be both balanced and imbalanced at the same time. By the same token, if you are sick, we know that one or more of your basic homeostatic control mechanisms MUST be out of balance. If we can help your body rebalance, there is a good chance your body will be able to restore itself to health completely.

Indeed, there are five basic homeostatic control mechanisms, and they have a hierarchical importance for maintaining metabolic balance in your body. Any one or several of these basic control mechanisms can be out of balance and we see basic patterns of dysfunction in individuals that can be identified and corrected with some fairly simple interventions.

The Five Basic Homeostatic Control Mechanisms (in order of importance to overall health) are:

  1. The Electrical Dynamic (Mineral Balance)
  2. The Membrane Dynamic (Anabolic & Catabolic Balance)
  3. The Energy Dynamic (Burning Carbs & Burning Fats)
  4. The Autonomic Nervous System Dynamic (Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Balance)
  5. The pH Dynamic (Acid & Alkaline Balance)

Alterations in any of these basic balance mechanisms will produce changes in your fundamental physiology and will manifest as changes in

  • Blood Pressure and Pulse, Supine & Standing
  • Breath Rate & the length of time you can hold your breath
  • Changes in the chemical composition of your Urine and Saliva
    • Electrical Conductivity
    • pH
    • Oxidation-Reduction Potential
    • Surface Tension
    • Specific Gravity or BRIX

From these simple metabolic and physiologic parameters, we are able to see which fundamental homeostatic balancing mechanisms are out of balance and to develop a blueprint of how to restore that balance.