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Our Clinic

The Natural Health and Wellness Center is dedicated to working with you and to help provide the resources you need to discover your true health potential. Each of us is a unique experiment of Nature, ever striving for better and better adaptation to an often hostile world. We strive to be an oasis of safety, information and genuine compassion for you in that hostile world. We express this not just in our patient care but also in our business and at all levels of our contact and working with patients.

We make every patient feel welcome, supported, and informed before they ever set foot into our clinic. If there are any logistical problems, we are always on hand to help.

Dr. Michael Culp (Naturopathic Medicine Doctorate) believes that the only way you can treat a patient is to know the patient and their challenges... personally and thoroughly. Every initial consultation lasts at least 2 hours and every follow-up consultation lasts a full hour. Hippocrates likened the process of healing to cooking a great meal – the process requires the right ingredients, of course, but they must be added in the right quantity and order and then, the most important ingredient of all is timing. Genuine healing takes time. Patients need time to tell their story and doctors need time to consider all the possibilities and choose the best path for progress.

Our evolving understanding of how the body functions and remembers how to heal itself is an exciting and yes, sometimes rather odd endeavour, but the more we learn, the more fascinating the journey becomes and the better we are able to help our patients as they ultimately are better able to heal themselves. Our pledge to you is to make that journey as safe, open, honest, painless, and joyful as possible.