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Physical Therapy

Function Follows Form. In other words, your body will not function well if your body is out of alignment. Misalignment in your body can be from birth or may result from misuse of your body or from physical trauma or accident. Similarly, exercise (or the lack thereof) and habits like sitting all day or strenuous physical labour can also contribute to physical misalignment and chronic problems. Simply put, your health depends on your body.

There are many forms of physical medicine including exercise, massage, physiotherapy, surgery, joint manipulation (like an osteopath or a chiropractor), Alexander technique, Rolfing, Cranial-Sacral therapy, ergonomics, yoga, movement meditation (like Osho or 5 Rhythms), pilates, tai chi, etc. All are designed to improve the quality of your physical body and its capacity for movement, which in turn improves your physiology and biochemistry directly.

At NHWC, Dr. Culp generally limits physical medicine therapy to Cranial-Sacral therapy as part of the diagnostic and therapeutic practice of Kinesophia. The connective tissue that holds your cells together and wraps each of your organ systems and your entire body serves as the “silicon chips” that store all of your body’s memory digitally. It is imperative to restore the body’s memory on the imbalances it is facing in order to be able to ask the body which treatments or therapies will be the most effective in supporting your body’s journey back to optimal health and function. It is impossible to determine the best nutritional, chemical or homeopathic therapy for you without first allowing the body to rearrange its connective tissue and restore its active memory on the problems it faces. In this sense, physical medicine is an essential component to every treatment session at NHWC.

Every person should practice physical medicine on a daily basis. Dr. Culp can help you determine which form of physical medicine will be the most appropriate and useful for you. And if you need intensive physical therapy to assist your body in its healing, he can help connect you with a quality practitioner.