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Promoting Health

About 300BC, the Greek physician Herophilus wrote

 “When health is absent,
wisdom cannot reveal itself,
art cannot become manifest,
strength cannot be exerted,
wealth becomes useless,
and reason is powerless.”

Your health is your most treasured possession, which we often do not even notice until it is going or gone. The classical ideal of human health was, “a sound mind in a sound body” and it remains true to this day. But health is not simply the absence of disease. Health is a proactive goal which we must actively pursue on a daily basis by wise choices in the foods we eat, the activities of our minds, and the exercise of our bodies. By the choices we make everyday we will either build health or produce disease.

While we are each individual and have unique needs, there are 7 simple rules for healthier living on a DAILY basis that any of us can chose to embrace (or chose to ignore at our peril).

  1. Fresh Air and Sunshine

  2. Pure Water

  3. Wholesome Diet. It’s not complicated. Eat MORE vegetables, fruit, fish, beans, lentils, nuts & seeds, olive oil & one glass of wine. Eat LESS sweets, sugar, fruit juice, milk, grains (incl. bread & pasta) , saturated and trans fats, vegetable oil, & processed foods (my grandmother used to say, “If it has a food label, it isn’t really food.”)

  4. Exercise and Work

  5. Rest and Sleep

  6. Think! Think deeply. Think critically. Think compassionately.

  7. Make the world a better place

When it comes to disease, there are really only five things that can go wrong with anyone’s health from a functional perspective, and accordingly, there are five therapeutic cornerstones to re-building your healt

  1. Nutrition and Digestion (What Goes In)

  2. Detoxification and Elimination (What Comes Out)

  3. Immune Function (Defence, Repair & Tolerance)

  4. Communication and Coordination (Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Eicosanoids, & the Matrix)

  5. Physical Activity & Structural Alignment (Fitness)

Any and every disease originates as a functional imbalance in one of these five areas of health. An imbalance in one area, if left untreated, will spread to other areas as our health degenerates into disease.

In functional medicine, the primary clinical objective is to improve function. By improving function the practitioner may not only treat any disease, but can also correct functional imbalances and promote optimal health and longevity. The simple reality is that the better the body is able to function, the better able it is to heal itself, no matter what has gone wrong. In conventional medicine, the primary clinical focus is on treating disease, but before disease can develop, there must be a progressive loss of functional balance. If we treat that loss of balance, the disease will never develop.