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Supplement FAQs

Why is it so important to include probiotics in your diet? You might think you’re the only one using your gut, but you would be wrong. 100 trillion bacteria also like to call you gut “home” – that is more bacteria than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Bacteria come in three sorts: friendly, neutral, and distinctly unfriendly. Friendly and neutral bacteria give as well as they get. In exchange for a warm home and regular meals, they promote regular bowel movements, synthesize vitamins, reduce the risk of many diseases, including bowel cancer, and fight disease-causing yeast and parasites and unfriendly bacteria.

What is the importance of having propionic acid in the gut? Propionic acid is the preferred food for all Bifidobacteria in your gut. Bifidobacteria are the most friendly and helpful bacteria in your gut. Unless someone eats beans, lentils or other pulses every day, it is difficult to produce enough propionic acid to support a healthy population of Bifidobacteria. Propionic acid can also be absorbed into the body where it helps to decrease the amount of cholesterol that your liver makes. It is the propionic acid derived from beans, fruit, and oat fibre that is the active ingredient in lowering a person’s cholesterol level, promoting a healthier heart.

What are the benefits of Sécuril®The science behind Sécuril® suggests that stimulating the growth of your own balanced bacteria may be the best for your intestinal health. Your body maintains a balance of many species of bacteria inside the gut. If you supplement one particular species, that species may grow excessively, crowding out other healthy bacteria, and while “friendly”, it may produce a bacterial imbalance. Sécuril® works by encouraging the growth of all Bifidobacteria species, allowing them to find their own optimal balance point.

Is Sécuril® a natural probiotic or purely synthetic, and can it be found in a natural food source? Anyone who has ever eaten Swiss or Emmental cheese has already eaten Sécuril®, since the specific bacteria in Sécuril® has been used for centuries to make these cheeses. To get the therapeutic dose of Sécuril® found in two capsules, however, you’d have to eat 100g (3.5oz) of these cheeses every day. That’s a lot of cheese to eat day in and day out. But Sécuril® is completely natural and safe. It has been shown to grow only when supplemented and has not even been shown to produce any adverse side-effects.

How does Sécuril® aid the natural probiotics in your body? Sécuril® eats just about anything from your diet and produces huge amounts of propionic acid, which is the favorite food of all 5 major species of Bifidobacteria living in your gut. Sécuril® also releases a Bifidogenic growth factor that promotes healthy bacteria growth. This combination of food and stimulation allows for dramatic increases in Bifidobacteria levels.

How long does it take before one actually feels the results of taking Sécuril®Most people notice a significant difference within 2 weeks.

How is Sécuril® different from FOS? While FOS is a food that lactobacillus like, it is also a favorite food of Candida albicans and other yeast. People who take FOS often experience severe bloating, pain and discomfort. FOS has never been a particularly good food for Bifidobacteria since they thrive on smaller chain fatty acids like propionic acid, which is only a 3-carbon fatty acid that is normally the waste product of other species of healthy bacteria. Propionic acid is a fatty acid and not a carbohydrate, like FOS. That’s where Sécuril® comes in. While it is not a “normal” bacteria in the human gut, it is friendly and will grow there if supplemented. Sécuril® can eat almost anything and make propionic acid out of it. This allows for dramatic increases in the levels of Bifidobacteria species (there are five major species of Bifidobacteria in your gut that need to be in balance with one another). Perhaps the best thing about propionic acid is that not only does Candida not like it as food, it is directly toxic to Candida since yeast cannot live in an acidic microenvironment.

I have taken Sécuril now for one month and am feeling very positive. Is there a time limit as to how long you may continue to take this product? Sécuril is a prebiotic and a probiotic. That is to say, it fosters the growth of your own healthy bacteria and it is a healthy bacteria itself. There is no limit as to the amount of time you can take Sécuril, since it helps to maintain your healthy bacteria levels. It has no known adverse side-effects, even after years of use. Most people find that one capsule a day is an adequate maintenance dose.

Can Securil probiotic be given to children if so from what age and what dosage would you recommend? There is no known safety risk in giving Sécuril to children of any age. In children the Bifidobacter species of probiotics are the dominant gut bacteria, accounting for 1000X more than Lactobacillus and Sécuril is known to support the growth of all Bifidobacter species of bacteria including B. Infantus and B. Adolescens, typically found in children. “From a clinician’s practical perspective, I generally do not give any probiotics directly to children who are breastfeeding, but instead give the probiotics directly to the mother and they pass into the breast milk and then to the child. I sometimes suggest the mother place a small amount on her nipple before breastfeeding, but the effective amount for an infant is quite small. From age 2, a child should be able to tolerate a full capsule daily opened into food, and below that age I would typically use ½ capsule in food. Those are not hard and fast rules but rules of thumb that tend to work, but there is no toxicity associated with Sécuril given to children of any age”. Dr. T M Culp (Managing Director of Natural Health and Wellness Centre Ltd)

I have just discovered a box of Securil at the back of a cupboard which is expired 3 months ago. Could you please advise if it is ok to take it? The use by date on Sécuril is there to tell you the latest date where the manufacturer guarantees 5 Billion live organisms per capsule. After that, they may die, but they do so quite slowly. In a box that is just a few months out of date it is still highly probable that there are still more than 5 Billion live organisms per capsule. However, in the worst case scenario there may be only 4.5 Billion live bacteria. There is no danger to your health in taking it at any time, even years after its sell by date – only that there are fewer and fewer live organisms per capsule as time goes on.

Is Stabilium® Safe for Children? Stabilium® is a food supplement and has never been shown to be unsafe for anyone. It’s about as “natural” as you could hope a supplement to be and it amounts to no more safety risk than eating a very small piece of fish, specifically cod. However, it is probably prudent to change the dose of Stabilium® to reflect the weight of smaller children. The normal adult dose for Stabilium® is 3 capsules in the morning. If a child weighs 50-100 pounds (25-50kg) then a dose of two capsules should be effective. If someone weighs less than 50 pounds (25kg) then one capsule a day should be effective. Three capsules would not likely have any ill effect on them, but the lower dose should still be effective in promoting a healthy stress response.

I have been taking Stabilium for the last year and am now pregnant.  I noticed on your website that the Vitamin A content of each capsule is quite high.  I know there are certain forms of Vitamin A that are to be avoided.  Could you please advise if safe to use during pregnancy? The safety limit of vitamin A (retinol) in pregnancy is generally recognised to be 3000 µg per day, with the RDA being 800µg per day. The amount of vitamin A in a KILOGRAM of Stabilium is only 5000 µg. Each capsule of Stabilium contains about 100mg of fish extract, meaning that each capsule would only contain about 0.5µg of vitamin A. Stabilium, while not directly tested for safety in pregnancy, must be as safe as eating cod fish, since the Blue Ling is a very close relative of cod, and it would be impossible to consume enough Stabilium to cause concern over vitamin A levels.

Is Stabilium® safe to take with other medications like antidepressants or high blood pressure pills? Stabilium® has no known interactions with any medication. It is safe to use with any other medication. Stabilium® is essentially safe for everyone. It’s about as “natural” as you could hope a supplement to be and it amounts to no more safety risk than eating a small piece of cod fish. There have never been any side-effects reported in any of the clinical trial on Stabilium® and when they looked for a “toxic” dose in animal studies, they couldn’t find one. Feeding mice only, Stabilium® brought about no ill effects on their health.