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Therapeutic Nutrition

Therapeutic or medical nutrition involves the clinical use of specific nutrients in amounts that cannot be readily achieved from your food alone. Nutrients, of course, are those elements in our food that provide the tools and building blocks to enable our body to maintain health and function.

We often divide nutrients into essential and non-essential. Essential nutrients are those that we need to consume directly in our diet since our bodies cannot make these nutrients out of our other nutrients. All vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients, but so too are many amino acids and the omega-3 and omega-6 fats. All other nutrients are non-essential, but even so, the demands of a stressful, toxic, and busy world can make it impossible for our bodies to synthesise even the accessory nutrients in quantities sufficient for optimal health. It is often necessary to supplement essential and non-essential nutrients to optimise your metabolic function and balance, but it is important to find the right nutrient formulation in the right quantity. The use of Kinesophia muscle testing helps ensure that you are receiving the right nutrients in the right amounts, giving you exactly what your body needs for optimal function – no more and no less.