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Disease results when your body loses its ability to order or to organise itself efficiently. When your ability to self-organise becomes confused, you must either reorganise the existing information or you must “borrow” organising information from another source. In either case, we call that information exchange “treatment”.

All treatments or therapies involve the transfer and reorganisation of information in the body. All types of treatment and all information can be helpful, neutral, or harmful to us in our quest for better health. Treatments and therapies fall into one of two major groups.

Some treatments predominately help the body to re-organise its own internal information – these therapies would include exercise, meditation, stretching, massage, yoga, chiropractic, osteopathy, surgery, acupuncture, and the some parts of kinesophia. Harmful examples in this category would include negative thinking, a sedentary lifestyle, electromagnetic radiation, too much television, etc.

Other therapies add new, organising information borrowed from another living entity – these therapies include diettherapeutic nutritionherbal medicine, prescription medications, homeopathy, and social interaction. By interacting with another life force, our body is able use it’s information pattern to modify our own organising information pattern. Take food, for instance. Every food is a life force and when we eat a particular food we invite the pattern of its life force to interact with our own and we are changed through the process. Depending on the food, this change may be helpful and healthful, or it may also be damaging to our health on some level.

Similarly, food supplements are sources of concentrated food information which our body reads and interprets when we take that particular information. Indeed, recent studies on the commonly used food supplement Ginkgo Biloba show that it alters DNA transcription for more than 200 genes (and the proteins they make) by more than 200%. The remarkable thing is that there is nothing particularly remarkable about ginkgo – every other food supplement likely has similar incredible effects on our physiology, but we are only just realising it.

Treatment is information. Information can help the body to organise its own information better, or in more simple language, can help the body to heal itself.